Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cats are swift animals. Not only are they fast, slender, and agile but amazingly smart animals. I've had three of them to know it too well.

Today, after about a round of Old Monk and two rounds of beer, I spotted a dead cat on my way home. The poor little thing was run over by some speed freak. It had it's heart and intestines hanging out of its abdomen, waiting for other drivers to run over what's left. Its skull was crushed and eyes popped out in almost an unimaginable, horrific fashion. Now, me & Nabeel, being the cat lovers that we are, decided to move the dead little kitty and pay last respects to her, lest another careless driver run over her cold corpse. We gently lifted her cold body and placed it by the pavement. Our hearts sank at the sight with the feeling we had while lifting her. The normally purry, warm animal felt so cold and lifeless. All we could think of was "may its soul rest in peace." After all, like us humans, animals too deserve to die respectfully and rest in peace. May be I should join PETA?