Friday, August 18, 2006

Make Love

"Sensous" by Carrie GraberSliding fingers through your hair,
Besieges a gentle clasp in arduous flair.
You draw closer, our bodies sway,
A warm sigh, répondez s'il vous plaît?

Lips tease your earlobes high,
Caress your cheek, a deeper sigh!
Eyes sparkle with a lusty buckle;
Quizzing social rules, you chuckle.

Mellow aroma floods the air,
“Hold me in your arms”, you swear.
While the love candles burn,
Fears melt, rules spurn.

Caress your lips; you close your eyes,
Should you resist? Not quiet.
Eyes meet, you grow weaker,
Now, you are my pleasure seeker.

Bodies drop, hearts meet,
Gentle warmth, to a mature beat.
Passion melts fears antique,
When we make love, like our hearts bespeak.