Monday, September 19, 2005

Life in the Bigger Scheme of Things - A Perspective

Ever wondered why are we alive? Ever wondered why and how all 'organisms' have a predefined cycle from birth to death? You might argue that birth is definitive but not death. The reason for this being, in a lifetime, several million external factors affect the duration and quality of life.

So, why are we alive? All living organisms are programmed to live and nurture their own life. With the thinking animal - man - life takes a more definitive approach to be protected and loved. The core of existence becomes loving yourself and looking up to a higher figure who has the power to control your life. With this mindset, we tend to focus only on these two aspects and miss the bigger picture.

So, what is this big picture? No living man knows for sure. In my opinion, while we live, we are like the cogs of a huge machine - ticking and completing revolutions. We are here for a definitive purpose, which is beyond our understanding. To draw an analogy, the specialized cells in your liver, too, are living and performing their programmed tasks. They do not know that they 'work' for you. They lack the big picture - missing the intent of performing their programmed task. Similarly, we humans might be a diminutive aspect of a bigger unit - performing our preprogrammed task - living.

What we call a year might be a microsecond in the bigger picture. What we call a lifetime might be a second - just like the microorganisms that reproduce at lightning speeds and have a life span of three days. In the bigger picture, we might be just as good as microorganisms - living for a second and calling it a lifetime. Distances we calculate in thousands of kilometers might be worth a millimeter. Light years may equal up to a small stroll. Our own dear planet Earth might be a speck of dust floating in space. Possibilities are endless and are limited to our imagination. Only pushing the boundaries of our imagination will let us know of the true intent of being alive. Till then, it is us with our limited imagination to figure out life.

Thought for the day

"When the ride of life gets bumpy, buckle up, down shift, and steer clear of pot holes"