Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Boy Meets Girl - Chapter 3

Friendly Note from the Author: After a long gap, many requests, and some protests, Chapter 3 is finally here! If you haven't already, you should read the Prelude, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 before reading this chapter.

It was 11.30 on a Sunday morning. Varun opened his eyes to a cloudy vision of his room. His head hurt and he felt extremely nauseous. For a moment, Varun could not recollect where he was, what he was doing laying down, or why he felt so sick. The only things on his mind were Priya and a very deep sense of sorrow.

"Godamnit! What happened last night?" Varun said to himself while trying to pull himself out of his bed. He reached for his cell phone, and checked the time. The phone had no missed calls or messages. It reminded him of a time when always found a good morning message from Priya. Varun and Priya had an unsaid understanding. The first one to wake up would wish the other with a romantic message, and it was Priya on most occasions.

"No such luck!" thought Varun while brushing his teeth.

While he tried hard to keep his mind off Priya, he couldn't help but wonder what made him get into such an emotional state the previous night. He thought, if she could get over him and move on with life, so could he. He was a guy, after all. And guys were known and expected to be insensitive and emotionless. Suddenly, Varun found himself thinking with his head instead of his heart. He had to get over Priya and get on with his life. But first, he had to set things straight. He had to end his deal with Priya. Officially. He had to terminate the contract, so to speak.

Varun flipped his phone to type a message.

I nd 2 talk 2 u. Can v meet?

Before Varun could settle down to sip his coffee, his cell phone beeped.

"That's fast!" thought Varun while opening the message. It was a message from his service provider, coaxing subscribers to download ring tones, wallpapers, and other jazz for the upcoming Valentines Day.

"I care a fuck about Valentines day! Do you mind?" exclaimed Varun and threw his phone on the table.

While Varun just about finished sipping his coffee, his cell phone beeped again. This time, it was Priya.

Wht do u wanna talk? Do u even talk? U only fite with me! Am sorry, I hv bttr things 2 do.

Although the tone of Priya's reply wasn't totally unexpected, Varun could see a ray of hope somewhere within it. Turmoil of the sorts waged in his mind. Suddenly, he felt his heart taking over his sensibilities. What he thought was a decision ten minutes back, suddenly felt like the hardest thing to do. With his mind entangled in confusion and heart swaying to Priya's side, Varun flipped his phone and typed a message.

I'm sorry. I prmise I wont fite. V'll talk. Cafe Exprs at 12.30?

With the recent spate of events between them, Priya's new-found attention for Atul, and Neeraj's advice for a better girl on one side and his deep feelings for Priya on the other, Varun's mind and heart played Battlefield Vietnam. While Varun held is temples to soothe the mental anguish and a bad hangover, his cell phone beeped yet again.

Ok. B on time!

Varun smiled to himself. Priya agreeing to meet at Café Express and he knew things were already getting better. He was notoriously famous for being late for dates. Priya often taunted him that with his timings, he would easily turn up a couple of hours late for their wedding. She claimed she would then marry the cutest guy present in the guests.

Smiling again, Varun began dressing up to meet Priya and thought to himself "Can things end where they started? Life always plays these tricks on me! "

While Varun got ready to meet Priya, his mind began replaying the sweet memories of his first date with Priya at Café Express.


At 11:23 PM, Blogger Blue Athena said...

Hmm. I like this. :))

So, what was the first date with Priya like?

At 11:51 PM, Blogger mErCuRiAn said...

Thank you, blueey!

First date with Priya, coming up next.

At 4:59 AM, Blogger DENZIL said...

Liked the story very much... A nice one based on today's youth...

Not trying to draw comparisions but this story reminded me of "One night @ Call Center"...

I am already awaiting the 4th part...

At 2:47 AM, Blogger mErCuRiAn said...

Hey Denzil!

Nice to hear from you. You are right. This story and the writing style is inspired from Chetan's book. I started this just to experiment with free-style writing. And yes, fourth part is coming soon :)



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