Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Boy Meets Girl - Prelude

"Can you leave me alone, please!” he yelled on the phone.

"Oh Varun! You're just the limit! - click " came the reply.

Varun replayed the recent events in his head. For the last few days, such had been the tone of the conversation between Varun and his girl friend, Priya. The engaged tone on the phone line reminded Varun of a time when he spent hours talking to Priya. Each night, the duo in love would talk about everything from news, literature, poetry, gossip, love, relationships, marriage, and even the names of their unborn children. Everything was beautiful between them. They shared perfect understanding and Varun thought their mental frequencies matched.

"For once! For once, I thought I was stable in a relationship!" thought Varun and banged his fist on the table. Lately, everything between Varun and Priya had soured. Sour to the point of total lack of effective communication.


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