Monday, January 09, 2006

Re: Me Single. You got a problem?

Written in response to the Mid-day article. Read it here.

You've got your timing all wrong, babe. 12.30 pm? 1:30 pm? 2.45 am? Who made you a journo?

Although well-written, your news item has zero news value. You've tried to cash in on the publicity received by the South African model rape case to dish out your version of a sting operation.

What's more, you have very comfortably labeled every guy who hits on you a LOSER. Do you think every guy who looks at you wants to spike your drink and rape you?

Get real, write something with news value. I also find your writing to be utterly feminist and derogatory towards men.

For all you know, your boy friend/husband/brother must be hitting on good-looking women too. Is he a loser? Get a life!


At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Straight from the middle of the bat is what i'd call this!! Bravo!! (applaud... applaud) ;)

btw, ive forwarded your blog link to Archana (the journo) so that she can have a taste of her own medicine :)



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