Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Photography & I

After buying my first digital camera in June 2003, I went clicking photos to learn the art of photography. Then, last year Pune saw me get a few exceptional snaps with my very modest 0.3 megapixel Nokia 6230. With every bunch of photos, I began realizing the aesthetics of good photography and started gathering a few tips. To fuel the fire further, Anupam introduced me to his Canon EOS 66. I realized that things I always dreamed of doing were possible using a magnificient instrument called the SLR camera. Made up my mind to buy myself a 35mm, film-SLR as soon as my finances allowed me to.

After that thought, a year passed with me spending more time and money on my new car. And finally on Saturday, I managed to buy myself a Nikon F75 with a Tamron 28-105mm lens, Marumi circular polarizer filter, and a UV filter, besides the multitude of film rolls and batteries. Got some good snaps in the last two days. Won't call them amazing or exceptional because I'm yet to see them printed and this is my first experience (and roll) with an SLR. Besides, I tried shooting most of them using the fully manual mode with manual focus. Only the snaps will tell how much I've gathered about manual focussing, shutter speed, and aperture size in the various lighting conditions.
Meanwhile, the Nikon F75 opens up yet another channel of creative expression for me. I find myself analyzing photographs in news papers and magazines to soak up the various elements of good photography. How good (or bad) I turn out to be, only time shall tell. Watch this space for the results.

Addendum: Special thanks to Extempore and Anil for helping me choose the right camera, answering my amateur questions, and being so patient. Thanks, guys!


At 6:19 AM, Blogger i-me-moi said...

fuckin congrats. awesssssssome.


At 11:31 PM, Blogger mErCuRiAn said...

Thank you, dee :)
I'd love to shoot you someday!

At 10:39 PM, Blogger i-me-moi said...

honored. anyday. arriving bbay 25th morning leaving 4th dec. pick a date and we'll shoot ;-)


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