Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Thinking Differences

I was listening to I will survive by Gloria Gaynor today. The song speaks of a woman who has been betrayed by her lover and the grief she goes through, as a result. It speaks about the emotions in the woman's head when her lover is back. It proclaims with pride that the woman is now strong and can survive without him. Alongside the lyrics at face value, the song describes how vulnerable woman can get when in love. It perfectly demonstrates how women shower themselves with self-pity and tears to company when in a troubled relationship.

Vaginal ramblings, I say!

Now, that reminds me of a friend who said she wouldn't get into a relationship with any guy because she was afraid she would hurt herself. The emotional trauma and pain would be uncalled for and unbearable, she said. While on this topic, I think of a hypothetical single guy who is looking for love. He would jump into the well of love with closed eyes once he has chosen his partner.

Men think differently. Men do not worry about getting into something, fearing they may hurt themselves. It is the experimenting spirit and the overall experience that counts for them. Men are not worried about how troubled with themselves they may be in the future. Therefore, when emotionally troubled, men do not pity themselves. They simply accept the trying situation and think of a possible solution. They do not breakdown in front of themselves. May be, this is what the world refers to as male ego.

Relating that to feminine thinking, women are total opposites. They care about themselves almost to the point of being selfish. Women would prefer security and a promising tomorrow, while everything men would want is their lovers' company to face the world. Men in love would go to any extent in a relationship, not worrying about the future. Men live for the day. They mould their future without foresaking today, without fearing to experiment.

The differences in male and female psychology is a great rift, which neither can fully understand. Hence the saying, only God can understand women! In this write up, I've tried to get a little closer. Afterall, the world is a big balance. While men score in some places, they lose out in others. There is balance between everything in nature, including how we think. Without differences, there would be no balance. Without balance, the scales would tip to one side causing widescale repulsion. If differences can cause disharmony, repulsion would cause havoc. Mayhem. With things in nature being out of balance, doomsday won't be far. But thankfully, opposites attract, trying to keep the balance from tipping to any one side and the world ticking.

Disclaimer: By no means am I thinking or meaning anything even remotely derogatory towards women. I am not even generalizing that all men or all women fit into the abovesaid mould. All I am doing is analyzing and comparing how differently men and women think. This write up is just a result of that.


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