Wednesday, June 22, 2005

About Reading and Me

I'm not a big novel freak. I don't go frisking up roadside book stalls or even to Crossroads. In fact, reading a book is as alien to me as watching a regional movie. Most of my reading happens online. This includes reviews of products, articles on various subjects, technical whitepapers, news, astrology, blogs, and forums. I have never bothered to specifically read to read. That's probably because I don't make enough time for a book to get into the clasp of my fingers. Going back several years, I remember, all my school friends would rant and rave about having read a particular book. I was the more practical type and never read books. You may think I'm different or even stupid, it's only a matter of opinion. Reading a book was an excruciatingly boring task for me.

I have friends who spend ~3 to 4k per month on books alone. I wonder how and when do they get the time to read these books. Is buying books a fashion statement? Or is it just a way to build up your own library with the hope that you will read those books, someday?

However, today is different. I have actually felt compelled to hold on to a book. Find it so difficult to put it down. Chapter after chapter goes zooming by, taking me deeper into the plot. Along with the chapters go the hours. I'm talking about The Da Vinci Code that I got for my birthday. This novel is certainly one of the best and has, indeed, made a book hater like me stick to the pages. Reading a book is not that bad, afterall. Or may be it's just Dan Brown. Funny how, sometimes, you tend to contradict yourself.


At 4:50 AM, Anonymous tabs said...

hey i am leavin my link here!

At 10:01 AM, Blogger geetu said...

hey i am leaving my link too!!
n mayb will give u some gyaan y we book lovers buy books OBSESSIVLY!! (is that a word) LOL!!
Firstly its CrossWORD!! hehehe..
books for me r jus dependable.. ! i no they r there.. u cant depend on the TV or the NET to keep u occupied.. cos the TV will show u crap most of the time and the NET wont connect.. ! :) plus.. i think (lage haat) if u have a a decent library at home doesnt hurt!
my 2 cents.. in my atrangi language! LOL


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