Friday, June 10, 2005

Jammed fingers or a mental block?

Today, I have this intense compulsion to write something. A need to express myself in an alternate way. Channel my constructive energy. Express my creativity. Feel happy. Get that satisfaction of creating something (the write up, in this case) from scratch. And feel happy.

Have been going through my older posts, trying to gather inspiration to write something. Tried writing something, and what it turned out to be has been aptly been christened "Writing Fiasco."
It was the first day of class. The long summer had chilled my mental bones, much to my surprise to get into a serious ‘study’ mood. As I walked into class looking out for chicks and potential friends, my roving eyes screech-halted on a petite, slim girl wearing a white salwar. She had silky, shiny, straight hair. Without a plot in mind, I can’t do much justice to this story. Ok, I have the description of the girl and me walking into the classroom. Where do I go from here on? Do I write about how we spoke for the first time? Or do I write how hard I was trying to read her mind to find out if I have caught her fancy, as well? College-classroom is a very boring, over-used setting used in many stories. Not worth my keystrokes. Ok, I have been wanting to write a spine-tickling, romantic comedy for sometime now. One that has its hilarious moments, but at the same time makes readers think of their partners and gives them an overall mushy feeling that gets them excited. Do you get what I mean? I want something light, but something that has you thinking about mush and gives you an overall good feeling. Its 20:20, and I think it’s time to leave. There goes my writing…hopefully, the next time I try something like this, I will have something more solid to write about!

I'm at right angles with my need-to-write and writing ability. Does not writing take away something you have developed over the years? If so, may be it is my profession that is to be blamed. When I worked as a writer, words and ideas just flowed through my fingers and writing something purely for my satisfaction was not a big deal. For the last ten months or so, I have not been writing much in my profession, leading to a drop in the number of posts on my blog. Now, after ten months, even expressing my inability to write in this post seems like trying to move a boulder. It's true, lately, I have been busier than usual. But does that account for my will-not-write-anything spree? Or is it that what D says is true? Is this really the June effect? Close to my birthday, the creative part of my brain goes into sleep mode, only performing daily chores. Even writing that I am unable to write like before is an inspiration from D's post.

All I can think about these days is R, bikes, and cars. Feel like doing a power-wheelie on my bike at 80 kmph. Feel like toeing the accelerator pedal of my car to about 3000 rpm, slipping into first gear, letting go of the clutch pedal and flooring the accelerator pedal simultaneously. What follows would be insane amounts of torque being delivered to the front wheels, resulting in a perfect 5 meter screech start, pushing the car from 0 to 60 kmph on the first gear in about 5 seconds!

Have to get those creative juices flowing. Got to start getting those wonderful abstracts ideas again. Makes me feel better about my self. May be I will read a book tonight. Probably, another great mind will inspire the writer in me and get those ideas and words flowing to my fingers.


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