Thursday, September 02, 2004

An Idea can change my life

Ok, I am writing in from Pune city. I moved base, thanks to a new job. Just as soon as I got here, I purchased a prepaid mobile connection and that too an Idea Chitchat to very well complement my philosophy of life - live an idea.

Impressed with their well-conceptualized ads, I had made up my mind to buy an Idea instead of any other. Hours passed and as I discovered the features of the service, I was stunned beyond movement to find that Idea Cellular charges its customers even when they call up the service helpdesk.

As quality and customer service become an indispensable part of every industry, the latter is often a liability for the company. Organizations spend millions of dollars providing customer service and post-sales support. For a cellular operator like Idea Cellular, this is not the case. Idea charges its customers for support. For example, if I want to activate roaming on my connection, calls made to the helpdesk as chargeable as per Idea Cellular. I have not seen such a policy with any other cellular operator anywhere in India. Even Reliance is better in this respect - calls made to customer care numbers are toll free. So Idea Cellular, since "an idea can change my life", how about the idea of providing toll free customer support?


At 1:01 AM, Blogger euterpeah said...

dude. whats with ur number. called. said its incoming calls are blocked.


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