Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A memorable evening at barista, bandstand

"Saab, kuch khane ko do din se kuch nahi khaya hai" 

A street kid was nudging at J's shirt. With a dirty face tainted by smog, this urchin was no older than ten. His shirt was torn, and what he wore underneath resembled what I call, the remains of childhood.

While we munched on Lays, sipped coffee and smoked cigarettes, this kid stood on the street in front of Barista Cafe, Bandra bandstand. I was beginning to lose my patience and cursed the little nuisance to go away, as would anybody else. But not J. In a jiffy, J sprung up on his legs and headed toward the kid.

I thought to myself "Yea J, shoo him away!" and turned to sip my coffee.

What I saw next left D's jaw dropping down and me in total bewilderment. J took the little devil by his arms, and led him in to the forbidden area of the shop. The little devil showed much resistance, fearing for being beaten up and his life. Now, J assured him with a clasp on his shoulder and led him into the shop.

Meanwhile, we the spectaculars outside were moved by this noble deed. The street kid came out of the shop with a box of tart and a grin on his face, which could be called nothing else but a Kodak moment.

D pecked J on his cheek and exclaimed, "I love you J!"

J looked at me and blurted, "See this is what you do to patau girls!"


At 12:57 AM, Blogger NABEEL said...

HOLLA! lol well now that sure is one hell of a piece! n dah.. whoz J and D?? Mind revealing the names? hehe- I shud be back in bombay, tomorrow by 6 am. Looking fwd to seein u then. And hey, dont remove your comments once you post them on my blogspot.. I wud want them (the comments) to stay there..

though i cant say if its vice versa as well! LOL! laterzzz bud!

At 7:29 PM, Blogger amy said...

Hey that was a good one!
theres a forums on BandStand Barista on the online community called "facebook", and i hope u dont mind, but i've posted a link to your blog on it, juss cuz you were at Barista. Take care

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