Thursday, August 12, 2004

Driving & Dido

Last I was happy for so many reasons. Took to the wheel quiet some time past midnight, listening to music, and cruised along the streets of Vashi, New Bombay. Dido's Thankyou was filling the chilly, moisture-laden air of the night and my mind was absorbing each and every word of the song and relating it to things in my life. The streets were empty, the rain was pouring. The breeze was gentle and the car I was flooring. An experience to cherish and remember for life.

My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why I
Got out of bed at all
The morning rain clouds up my window,
And I can't see at all

My car window is foggy and I can't see at all.

And even if I could it'd all be grey
Put your picture on my wall
It reminds me that it's not so bad
It's not so bad

I see a pothole coming. I'm too fast to slow down. Is it going to be a bumpy ride? Pass over it and realize It's not so bad.

I drank too much last night, got bills to pay
My head just feels in pain

Feel like going home and having some whisky.

I missed the bus and there'll be hell today
I'm late for work again

It's quarter past one, and I'm working tomorrow. I'm gonna be late for work again.

Heard it once and wanted more. Heard it twice and it was so nice. I wonder how tiny things in life, like this, give so much happiness?