Monday, August 02, 2004

WRC in Mumbai

Participants Information Brochure

World Rally Championship

The World Rally Championship (WRC) is now in Mumbai. The event commenced on 31st July 2004 and will continue till 31st August 2004.

The details of the event are as follows.

Track location: Chakala, Andheri (e), Mumbai to Marol, Andheri (e), Mumbai

Track morphology: Loose gravel, muck, and lots of water.

Loose gravel, muck, and lots of water

Weather: Mostly cloudy and rainy. You may experience thunderstorms occasionally.

Admission criteria: Anything with wheels, two or four. Any fuel, as long as your vehicle can run.

Expected competitors: The track shall be inundated with public transport buses, three-wheeler rickshaws, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Best of Season: When it pours like crazy and local trains stop functioning.

Track Details: The stretch from Chakala to Marol has been selected as the venue for this WRX season. The track comprises an abundant amount of loose gravel, potholes, and knee-deep water. Being open to all classes of vehicles, the track is expected to be slow moving. You may also experience stalled vehicles, as all vehicles may not comply to requirement regulations and cannot be driven through water.

Four-wheel drives may be of utmost use to wade your way through the gravel filled water. Should your vehicle’s tires get thrust in gravel or a pothole, switch to your four-wheel option to drive you out of the pit. If you don’t have a four-wheel drive option, ask bystanders, spectators, or junta for help to push your vehicle out. Storm water drains may be occasionally open to allow recession of excess water. You must keep a careful eye not to drive into these, as they can be difficult to see when the track is flooded.

Beware of two-wheelers or three-wheelers. These categories of vehicles are known to change course at lightning speeds giving you very little time to avert a collision. You must therefore be extremely cautious when driving in this track.

This track has been designed with utmost care and precision for your rallying pleasure. Incase you have any queries or wish to contact us, contact the Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) instead. We can’t be of much help anyway. If you are representing the BMC, go away! For everyone else, happy rallying!

Happy rallying!
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