Monday, August 02, 2004

Original Joke

Fr.Agnels (FRA) and Sacred Heart (SH) are two prominent schools in Vashi, New Bombay and have been around for around two decades. Both these convents have had a healthy competition not only in producing toppers, but also sports, facilities, and quality of education.

However, the competition doesn't end there. Pass outs or alumni from these institutions continue to hold reverence for their alma maters. Agnelites and Sh'ites continue to baffle each other with every achieved feat. And I being an Agnelite myself have no different views. Keeping the tradition of slurring alive, I hereby present this joke. Sh'ites, no offense intended :)

This was not a long time ago when the rivalry between Sacred Heart (SH) and Fr.Agnels (FRA) reached new heights. FRA kept achieving incredible feats in academics, sports, quality of education, higher education, and post graduation.

Now, the management of SH decided they should at least compete if not catch up with FRA. They decided to start an engineering college, very similar to FCRIT (Agnel's engineering college.) After approval from the govt. and raking finances, the project saw light of the day.

Guess what they decided to call it?

Sacred Heart Institute of Technology (SHIT)!!!!!!!!