Friday, August 20, 2004

Reliance invests 1500 Cr. in TCS IPO

Reliance puts Rs 1,500 cr on TCS IPO

I was spellbound, amazed, and utterly disgusted reading this headline. Reliance and the Tata group are two top business houses in India. Though one would say there is a healthy competition between these, the areas of business and business objective vary greatly. Some businesses also are direct competition to each other.
This sentiment of competition and loyalty can also been seen among employees of these groups. For one, I do not subscribe to the 'market domination' and 'aggressive' policies of Reliance. Take Reliance IndiaMobile for an example. You can very clearly see through the policies and objective of Reliance to kill the competition and gain market domination, which is so different from Dhirubhai's so called dream of providing cheap telecommunication for each Indian.
Although I am a subscriber of Reliance IndiaMobile, I detest this kind of unfair competition. Now when Reliance has shown such keen interest in acquiring so many shares of the TCS IPO, my opinion about Reliance just got firmer.

Really, Reliance does operate by the punch line, "Mere baap ka sapna, sab ka maal apna."

Disclaimer: India is a democratic country. Each one has a right to have his say and be heard. Opinions expressed here are solely mine. Reliance, please don’t cut off my phone or sue me for this!


At 12:05 AM, Blogger euterpeah said...

whats wrong abt this?
this is how business is done..!
absolutely not wrong or unethical!

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