Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Thoughts @ 6000 rpm

As far as my motoring frenzy goes, this week has been delightfully eventful.

  • Sunday saw me getting a ride of a life time - in a 2005 Mercedes C220. Not only was it an exhilarating ride with the engine spewing out those insane amounts of torque, but also the owner of the car - another motor enthusiast patiently explaining the myriad gizmos present in the car. Just for the records, we did a 100 in the oh-so-busy streets of sector 17, Vashi. All under 7 seconds. Now that's how you drive a 35-lakh car!
  • Being treated to all that torque gets your adrenaline pumping. On my way back from NRI Complex, an aquaintance in a Diesel Indica V2 decided to provoke me to race. Did a 140 in my Zen and cruised to victory.
  • Monday was anything but mundane with an assortment of Pulsars and CBZs racing with me on the Eastern Express Highway. Such races are often informal and long forgotten. Though, I just discovered a new tap of torque on my bike - the second gear - to propel me from 5 to 45 in three flat seconds.
  • Tuesday was another race day on the Eastern Express Highway. A Skoda Octavia Rider was sporting enough to have a friendly race. Although it was highly unfair for the car owner, it was fun. Bikes are always easier to navigate in traffic or no traffic.
  • Today, I got to test drive the Swift. I like that car but don't think my Zen is bad at all.

Like Chad Lindberg would say, "Dear heavenly spirit. Thank you for providing us with a direct port nitrous injection, four core intercoolers and ball-bearing turbos and titanium valve springs. Amen"


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