Thursday, July 07, 2005

Say Hello to the New Nokia 6630

Got myself a Nokia 6630 3G smartphone on Monday. Featuring a 1.3MP camera, this phone look nothing less than exotic. With a curvaceous bottom and a neat top, this phone sure looks and feels good in my palm. Things I love about this phone:

  • Faster than any other Nokia phone running on Symbian OS thanks to the 220 MHz ARM processor. For people still using Pentium 1s, my phone is faster than your computer!
  • 3G UTMS/W-CDMA compatiblility allows me to browse the Internet at broadband speeds. Tried this on BPL GPRS, hooked up the phone to my PC using the supplied USB cable and viola!
  • Mind-blowing camera with superb image quality. For a phone, the camera is outstanding.
  • Hot-swap of memory card means no more turning off, popping the rear cover, and removing the battery to remove the memory card.
  • A neat, snazzy look with an air of sophistication.

The lost 6230 has been replaced. I'm finally over my lost phone. Right now, busy experimenting and exploring this new piece of whacky gadgetry. Ciao!


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