Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Great Mumbai Surprise

Today, Mumbai woke up to a pleasant surprise. Instead of the sun shining brightly like a typical March morning, the skies were full of dark clouds. I woke up to the thunder and lightning instead of my mobile-turned-alarm clock.

Experiencing the respite of the after-summer change in weather, before summer, was quiet an enchanting experience. I rode to work listening to the thundering, overcast sky, with the cool breeze blowing on my face. To match it all, I was in an equally zestful mood that I never even dreamt of on a March day. Doing nothing seemed like the only thing on my mind. It felt so monsoon. It felt so June.

Speaking of June, the zest for monsoon at the end of summer in me is quiet paradoxical. By the end of May, I pray for the rains. I pray for the thunder, lightning, and the first droplets that mark the end of the summer madness. By July, I'm sick of the rains. The puddles of mud, muck, grime, and traffic snarls get me praying for sunshine and respite from the endless showers that the heavens pour down on us. And yet another time, I see the great rules of life in effect. Anything in excess is undervalued. Anything in scarcity is valued, and often over valued. These rules seem to apply to almost everything in my life. And may be in others' lives too.

And such was the effect of the sudden, unexpected, unseasonal pour down today. The cloudy skies and the typical smell of wet soil sent me into a dreamy world. The weather was wet and gorgeous at a comfortable 23 degrees. Everyone seemed laid back. Probably, doing nothing was the only thing on their minds too. Through out the day, the overcast skies presented Mumbai with occasional drizzles, keeping the spirits up and the surprise going.

In the evening, the skies pulled a spectacular show. The dark monsoon clouds hovered low, threatening to pour down at a blink's notice. The sun drew outlines of the dark clouds. Puffy white clouds floated higher up, majestically matching the deep blue sky that formed the canopy for this show by nature. It was a mosaic up there, with all the members of the sky putting up their best show. Just when I thought I was seeing the best, out came another spectacular surprise. A huge rainbow formed in the southern skies, sending cheers among people, known and unknown. All this for a March day, I thought, was truly unbelievable.


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