Wednesday, October 26, 2005

PoetryFest - I

After writing the poem, I have been reading a lot of my favorite poetry. These timeless masterpieces are vivid in my head, right from school - when I first read them. When I read them now, I savour each verse, each line, and get transported back in time. One of my all time favorites is the poem on apples by an unknown poet. Here it is, as found on the Web.

You speak very fine, and you look very grave,
But apples we want, and apples we’ll have;
If you will go with us, you shall have a share,
If not, you shall have neither apple nor pear.”

They spoke, and Tom ponder’d—“I see they will go;
Poor man! what a pity to injure him so!
Poor man! I would save him his fruit if I could,
But staying behind will do him no good.

“If the matter depended alone upon me,
His apples might hang till they dropp’d from the tree;
But, since they will take them, I think I’ll go too,
He will lose none by me, though I get a few.”

His scruples thus silenced, Tom felt more at ease,
And went with his comrades the apples to seize;
He blamed and protested, but join’d in the plan:
He shared in the plunder, but pitied the man.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh, what a big mistake!

I lay beached,
like a whale on a shore.
Something's amiss,
something's sore.
Is it my heart,
down there on the floor?

Oh, what a big mistake!

May be I didn't give us,
what it takes.
May be I got more
than my rightful stake.
May be it's you for granted,
what I take.

Oh, what a big mistake!

May be your love, I never valued,
and your love, I never returned.
Hurt, pain, and tears,
is all for you, I destined.
Without you in my life,
I feel sojourned.

Oh, what a big mistake!

Like a fish running out of water
on a drying creek.
Didn't know my falter,
till it was bleak.
Gasping for you, I banter,
doomed to a poignant, losing streak.

Oh, what a big mistake!