Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Untitled - Prelude

"You're so irresistible! I'd flirt with you even if you were married..." quipped Sanjay.

"So marry me" came the flirtatious, yet confident reply.

"Sneha, will you marry me?" laughed Sanjay.

"You jerk! You're better than I thought!" protested Sneha

"I'm only a little better than you..." smiled Sanjay.

"Hmmmm..." came the retort.

"I'd flirt with you even if you were married....... TO ME" declared Sanjay.

"Sanju, I love what's happening between us...but I'm scared of losing it." quivered Sneha.

"Baby, have you heard of the saying 'everything happens for the good’?”

"Well, this is happening for the BEST" came the reassuring reply.

"Good night, sweet heart. Love you! *click*" the phone line went blank.

Sneha clutched on to the receiver, mesmerized and thinking deeply. On one hand, she felt good about what was happening and on the other, her mind was reeling episodes of love. Another love. Estranged and now let out like a bottle of worms.

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At 1:10 AM, Blogger sridari said...

Wow! Amazing! A small conversation!! Very well expressed.. Left me thinking for quite a while!

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